OK TAMAM event in Algeria

June 29, 2024

Algiers event will start in

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We invite you to attend the upcoming International Education Fair hosted by the esteemed OK TAMAM Group. Mark your calendar for June 29th, 2024, as this event unfolds in Algeria. It promises an outstanding opportunity to engage with university representatives worldwide, all converging at a single, convenient venue, representing a diverse array of countries. This event offers a unique platform for delving into the intricacies of university admission requirements. Moreover, you’ll gain access to exclusive tuition fee discounts and receive invaluable enrollment assistance from multiple universities and OK TAMAM Experts. 

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In line with UNESCO’s statistics indicating that 31,288 Algerian students are pursuing education abroad, OK TAMAM Group is proud to facilitate direct interactions with global university representatives at our Annual Education Fair in Algeria on June 29th, 2024. Notably, the number of Algerian students enrolled in Turkish universities has surged by almost 50% this year, a testament to our commitment to assisting students in their pursuit of international education. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to embark on an enriching international educational journey. Join us in Algeria on June 29th, 2024, and kickstart your thrilling educational adventure.

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High school finishing exams will be 14 of June. Algeria has 31,288 students studying abroad according to UNESCO and 43.51% of the Algerian population is under 25 years of age. With an untapped student market that boasts the second largest student population in North Africa after Egypt, Algeria’s market potential is huge. Today, the vast majority of Algerian students choose to go to France. As it becomes more difficult for Algerian students to go to Europe, they mostly prefer to study in Canada, Turkey, and the United Kingdom respectively. This year, the number of enrolled Algerian students in Turkish universities increased nearly 50%.





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