OK TAMAM event in Morocco

July 13, 2024

Casablanca event will start in

Why you should join the event?

You are invited to join us in the upcoming International Education Fair, proudly hosted by the OK TAMAM Group. Mark your calendars for July 13th, 2024, as this exciting event unfolds in the vibrant setting of Morocco. This event presents a remarkable opportunity to interact with university representatives from across the globe, all convening at a convenient venue representing diverse countries. This event provides a unique platform to delve into the intricacies of university admission requirements. Additionally, you will be able to access exclusive tuition fee discounts and receive invaluable enrollment assistance from multiple universities and OK TAMAM Experts. 

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In alignment with UNESCO’s data, which reveals that 55,000 Moroccan students are currently enrolled in various universities abroad, OK TAMAM is committed to helping even more students gain the essential information required to secure acceptance at top universities worldwide, all while keeping tuition fees reasonable. To all Moroccan students pursuing education abroad, the dedicated teams of experts from OK TAMAM Group and university officials eagerly await your presence at our Annual Education Fair in Morocco on July 13th, 2024. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to embark on an enriching international educational journey. Join us in Morocco on July 13th, 2024, and kickstart your thrilling educational adventure.

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In all the African nations, Morocco has the highest study abroad rate, sends more than 55,000 students abroad. According to the UNESCO the outward mobility rate is 5.1%. As there are only 14 universities in the country, many students look for an alternative way to handle their educational investments. Many choose to study abroad, thus making the country a new and profitable marketplace for education. English is the third language after Arabic and French. High school exams will be held in the beginning of June.





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