OK TAMAM event in Saudi Arabia

03 FEB 2024

Jeddah event will start in

About the Event

Join us at the International Education Fair hosted by OK TAMAM Group in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on February 3rd, 2024. This exceptional opportunity connects you directly with representatives from universities around the world, allowing you to gain comprehensive insights into university requirements, access exclusive tuition fee discounts, and even have the chance to register for free with expert assistance from multiple universities during the event.

In Saudi Arabia, fostering global education is a pivotal initiative to enhance the skills and expertise of Saudi youth, ultimately benefiting businesses and industries upon their return. Saudi Arabia annually sends over 66,000 students abroad to pursue their educational aspirations. 

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By attending this upcoming Education Fair alongside the OK TAMAM Team of Experts and officials from international universities, you’ll discover your ideal study destination and gain invaluable information on admission requirements, available opportunities, and the application process.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take the next step towards your international education journey. Join us in Jeddah on February 3rd, 2024, and embark on an exciting educational adventure.

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