Uni Nigeria Abuja 0822

OK TAMAM events in Nigeria In the capital of Nigeria Abuja, one of the largest and most populous cities in Africa, OK TAMAM fair will be organized by July 23. With the cooperation with the Turkish embassy in Nigeria. The number of Nigerian students in the Turkish universities is increasing every year, last eight years, […]

Uni Libya Tripoli aug 2022

OK TAMAM events in Libya 2022 In cooperation with the Turkish Embassy in Tripoli and the Libyan Ministry of Interior, our first exhibition will be organized in Libya on August 13, where our exhibition will be with the cooperation of the Turkish embassy and the Ministry of Interior in terms of safety regulations related with […]

Uni Jordan Amman Aug 2022

OK TAMAM events in Jordan 2022 The Jordanian market is one of the most important markets in the Middle East for Turkish universities, and it has recently witnessed a significant increase in the number of students, as shown in the figure. In the last eight years, the total number of Jordanian students was 5317 students […]

Uni Egypt Cairo jul 2022

OK TAMAM events in Egypt 2022 Egypt has become one of the most important sources of international students for Turkish universities, and the last eight years have witnessed an increase in student numbers, and according to YÖK statistics, 5821 students were registered during the last five academic years. In cooperation with the Egyptian Embassy in […]